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Delivering outstanding customer service

Diligenta aims to transform our clients' operations through the continuous and disciplined application of our proven operations management method 'smart:focus' and FORE™ - TCS’ process maturity assessment and transformation model - We deliver simplification and a transformation methodology that improves business process efficiencies and effectiveness, helping our clients to achieve their strategic business goals.

TCS’ FORE™ methodology helps you accelerate your transformation journey to achieve your business goals efficiently and effectively. It objectively assesses the current process state and then targets establishing the “to-be” state. We do this by establishing the current process maturity baseline, identifying the target performance using standard benchmarks and recommending and implementing a roadmap to achieve the same.

Enterprises seek to drive business growth and agility through innovation in an increasingly regulated, competitive, and global market. Diligenta helps clients achieve these goals by managing and executing their business operations effectively and efficiently.

Diligenta creates value through TCS FORE™ simplification and transformation methodology, backed by its deep domain expertise, extensive technology experience, and TRAPEZE suite of solution accelerators and governance enablers. Diligenta complements its experience and expertise with innovative delivery models such as using robotic automation and providing Business Processes as a Service (BPaaS).

Diligenta's Business Process Services delivery backed by the TCS BaNCS system’s best-in-class business processes drives a service orientated culture, which emphasises the importance of the customer experience, quality achievement, Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and service level delivery. The TCS BaNCS system hides much process and product complexity from the operator allowing our workforce to be multi-skilled and focused on the customer experience that they are delivering.

We work closely with our clients to define when, where and how to fulfil their customer service commitments, aligning brand and behaviours as well as technology and compliance to ensure the seamless transfer of services.

Our service level agreements determine measurable outcomes. In addition, we commit to benchmark ourselves to provide a peer group comparison.

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