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Creating future proof solutions

Diligenta aims to minimise our clients' exposure to risk, and deliver increased productivity through robust operational management. Diligenta can also lead IT platform consolidation to enhance customer experience, reduce cost and create economies of scale.

Diligenta L&P platform – TCS BαNCS:

  • State-of-the-art L&P administration system
  • Industry leading open, componentized and scalable platform supporting both open and closed book
  • Segregated core and customizable components to provide unique customer experience while maintaining the single base code.
  • Compliant with recent regulations like auto-enrolment, RDR, Pension Reforms
  • Support rapid product development.
  • Provides full audit and data versioning capabilities.
  • Allows 24x7 operation except for schedule maintenance (online not dependent on overnight batch completion)
  • Modern GUI , Single customer view and Consistent look and feel across all business areas
  • Enables digital transformation and omni channel experience
  • Full set of UK L&P products across Protection, Investments, Pensions , Annuities & New world retirement product for Individual and Group

Diligenta’s price promises and guarantees are backed by the financial strength of our parent company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

We provide our clients in the UK Life and Pensions industry with a compelling proposition to meet their individual needs, including:
    Cost certainty: Diligenta’s pricing model guarantees a cost certainty for clients with a commitment to an all inclusive price per policy as well as shared cost guarantees. Diligenta can also guarantee year on year policy charges.
    Ongoing competitiveness: Diligenta can guarantee on-going competitiveness with a commitment to maintaining upper quartile service quality.
    Risk transfer: Business process services (BPS) offers a viable and risk controlled solution to growing regulation. From contract start date Diligenta assumes a significant operational, transition and transfer risk from its clients.

Benefits that our clients can expect are:
    Cost per policy: Through transformation and scale leading to efficiencies, we provide our clients with a decreasing cost per policy and increasing margins, with significant cost reductions.
    Service level achievement: We consistently meet and aim to exceed our clients’ service levels and deliver outstanding customer service.
    Client satisfaction: We have deepened and extended our relationships with existing clients and continue to gain transfer positive references from all our clients.
    Staff engagement: We have expertise in dealing with large-scale employee transfers and we offer a competitive people proposition.

When you choose Diligenta as your BPS provider, we will work in partnership with you to deliver certainty for your business – providing an innovative BPS that will ensure that time to market your business proposition and you have a real competitive advantage in the market place.

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